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  • With 14 Bank Statement Loan Programs

  •  The Best Rates Available

  • No Lender Fee Loans Available 

  • No Origination Fees Available

  • Credit Mortgage Events - No Problem

  • Licensed in FLORIDA

Up To 90% LTV
Self-Employed Bank Statement Loans in Florida  
We offer  12 and 24 Months Bank Statement Programs
Finally, it just  got easier. We can approve you using only your bank statement deposit history !
  • New 90% LTV with 680 score  

  • No Tax Returns Required

  • No PMI Fees

  • No Pre-Payment Penalty

  • No P & L required.

  • No Accountant’s letter required.

  • Min 640 credit score to qualify.

  • Loan amounts $150,000 - $3,000,000

  • Gifts-ok  

  • Multiple businesses-ok 

If you own your own business or are self-employed, you know that getting a mortgage can be difficult.  Regardless of what you make for income, the system of tax write-offs that make your job profitable can hold you back from buying or refinancing a home. 

The Self-Employed Bank Statement programs change all of that!

Prior to Bank Statement programs, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers were required to prove their income by what they pay in taxes, not what they made.  This has kept everyone from doctors and lawyers to real estate agents, business owners and 1099 contractors from buying our refinancing a home as they are forced to write off business expenses merely to keep their companies or practices profitable. 

The Bank Statement program guidelines!  
With guidelines changing, 1st Florida Lending Corp was one of the first few Direct Lenders to offer self-employed bank statement programs that we qualified based on your annual bank deposits as income.  That way, you can still write off all of your business expenses while keeping your business profitable and healthy 

  • You can purchase a home with as little as 15% down. Ask us about our 90%LTV full doc

  • We no longer need to look at your tax returns or tax transcripts

  • Your average deposits make up your income statement

  • We can look at 12 or 24 months of bank statements

  • If you own a business, we offer more options with 24 months of the business bank statements  

  • Get a rate and term refinancing to replace current mortgage at lower rate 

  • Cash Out Refinance  

  • Minimum $150,000 up to $7 Million available 

  • We accept Debt to Income Ratios up to 55%

  • Adjustable, Interest only and 30 yr Fixed terms options available

  • Must be Self-Employed for 2+ years


Exceptions that are considered 

  • Blending W-2 income and Self-Employed income 

  • Combining Multiple bank statements (available)

  • Borrower does not have to be 100% owner of the business

  • Business expense ratio as low as 0% for personal

  • We offer "No reserves" program in addition to the typical 3 and 6 month requirement  

  • Our team of experts work hard to make it easy on you.  Nobody has more self-employed programs (14+) in the State of Florida with lower rates than 1st Florida Lending Corp! 

  • Call (800) 655-1345 or (407) 300-2558 

  • You can always apply online (click here) to request a no obligation quote with rate and term scenarios. We don’t pull credit and welcome even the challenging loan scenarios.


We look forward to hearing from you. 


1st Florida Lending Team / 

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